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        In 2018, a partnership between climbing industry leader Kilter and aerospace engineer Abel Chouinard’s climbing wall company Lemur Design resulted in what has been awarded “Best Training Wall” in an industry-wide vote conducted by Climbing Business Journal–the adjustable Kilter Board. Over the following years, Kilter and Lemur extended the wall size collection to offer the biggest range of adjustable walls in the world. These walls support all Kilter Board light-up layouts as well as custom layouts and spraywalls. The latest addition to this stellar line-up of walls is the new 24 foot wide adjustable Slab Wall. This revolutionary design has been in the works for several years and was officially released during the 2022 CWA summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

 The 24 X 14 foot Slab Wall adjusts from -10˚ to 40˚ overhang. 

The main features of Lemur Design's Kilter Boards are: 

  • Unparalleled wall stability for an unparalleled climbing experience
  • Simple push-button adjustability
  • Precise and clean electronic actuators
  • Specially developed panel coating for quality and longevity
  • 1 inch high quality hardwood panels for the best durability and rigidity
  • Integrated CNC design for LED light sustem and hold orientation helps with faster and easier installation and maintenance 
  • 360° light-up climbing holds are aesthetically pleasing and make climbing more intuitive
  • Unique, ergonomic climbing holds shaped by Ian Powell for comfort and long sessions

All together this make the most inclusive training wall with the most pleasant training experience and accessibility to climbers of all abilities- meaning your entire customer base can enjoy climbing on the same wall!

The Kilter Board adjustable training wall are produced in partnership by LEMUR Design

We are proud of our products, and as we endeavour to maintain only the highest standards we continue to ask ourselves how we can improve and make our walls even better. After months of investment and testing, Lemur's lead engineer came up with several ideas for improvement all based on one common thread - simplicity. 

We are pleased to announce our new commercial product line featuring several updated wall design feature that will soon be incorporated in all of our wall sizes. Here are the main updates and why they are important to you:  

Full-length piano hinge: 

Instead of using two bearing pivot points on each side of the wall, we are now using a long one-piece piano hinge for the full width of the adjustable wall. Eliminating the two pivot points means that we can now position the legs of the wall inside the actual wall, making it narrower. For exemple, a 12x12 Kilter Board is now exactly 12 feet wide. 

It also allows gym owners to put our adjustable walls side by side with minimal space between each wood panel, offering a completely new perspective for climbing gyms and their wall configuration. It is now possible to have an entire gym made exclusively with a continuity of adjustable walls. Imagine being able to adjust the walls of your climbing gym on a weekly or even daily basis - it is now possible!

Finally, because the piano hinge attaches to the full width of the wall instead of the two pivot points, it allows us to simplify the structure of the design, making it more refined, while still maintaining the incredible stiffness and solid feel found in all of our adjustable climbing walls. 

A 24 foot long piano hinge for the Slab Wall

Space Optimization:

Since they are paying for each square foot, gym owners pay close attention to their space optimization in order to make the most of what they have to work with. One of our goals while redesigning our walls was to make the "lost space" behind the adjustable wall as small as possible while maintaining our full board adjustment angle range from 0˚ vertical to 70˚ overhanging.

All Lemur Design walls now have a back structure size of only 17 inches, compared to 47.25 inches for our previous design, making the update design extremely efficient for owners with limited space.

In addition, Lemur's electric actuators are now fixed at the lower end of the back structure. This allows us to shrink the back structure, lowering it from 134 inches to only 50 inches for the 27" kickboard model.

This more compact design will help owners operate in a smaller space, lowering their overall cost and allowing them extra room to develop a better training space for their clients.

The original design (left) and the new compact design (right) with only 17" deep.


One of the hidden costs when investing in a climbing wall is transportation. Depending on the location, shipping costs can add a significant amount to the overall price. Ship costs are unavoidable, but we're doing what we can to reduce overage charges and make shipping as efficient as possible.

Lemur Design walls will now ship on two 4 x 8 feet pallets that can be stacked. Since we have optimized our design, we also have reduced the overall weight from 2400 lbs to 1700 lbs, reducing transportation cost to locations around the world. 

Hangboard mounts that can attach to the fitness cages are integrated into Lemur Design transport crates as a bonus for our customer!

All these changes will give future owners maximum flexibility when planning their investment. We believe the simplicity of this new design will become a benchmark and will open new possibilities for climbing gym design.

To find out more about Lemur Design walls for your space, please see the web page:

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