Kilter Board: "Original" vs. "Homewall" version

April 21, 2023 by
François Parisien

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The development of each version of the Kilter Board is an arduous process where each hold is designed with specific intent and/or holds and layouts are thoroughly tested through climbing and tuning. The Kilter team and climbers of all levels, from beginner to professional, climb the different holds in the different configurations. Over many months, the holds are climbed, rotated, moved and climbed again and again from different angles. New holds are created and others are removed. The general layout as well as each individual part is taken into account.

This massive development effort makes the Kilter Board climbing experience very intuitive and fluid - and customers are taking notice. We're proud that the Kilter Board was voted the industry's best training board by Climbing Business Journal in 2021 and 2022!

At the moment there are two different versions of the Kilter Walls: the original version and the Homewall. The two versions are complementary, which means that they offer different points of interest for climbing and, if you have room for two versions, they work well next to each other. If you can only have one, we can help you choose which version is best for you!


Here are the main points of each version of the Kilter Board:



 The original Kilter Board was developed with the intention of making training walls accessible to everyone, while still being interesting to the strongest and most experienced climbers. The design includes physiologically comfortable holds for climbing, with a texture that is not too aggressive to be more enjoyable for longer sessions, and LEDs that fully illuminate each edge of the holds so that they are easy to see and attractive. With all of these features, adjustable angles, and over 73,000 problems in the database, the Kilter Board Original allows gym owners to offer the best climbing experience to clients of all levels.

The hand holds on the Kilter Board Original are on average larger than those on the Kilter Board Homewall. As you move up in grade, the climbing style on the Kilter Board Original tends to become more powerful, with larger moves that often require explosiveness and stability in the shoulders. It offers a fun, fluid and more gymnastic style of climbing across the full range of wall angles.

The Original Kilter Board is available for 7x10, 8x12 and 12x12 walls, with a 16x12 expansion coming in 2023. All sizes are nested, which means that each layout shares problems with the larger sizes. There are currently over 73,000 problems for 12x12 on the Kilter Board app, with more being added every day.



 The Kilter Board Homewall was developed during the pandemic for climbing wall owners to offer a wide variety of climbs in a smaller space and accessible to all abilities, i.e. accessible to all household members. The Homewall version has been designed with all-new holds to offer a full range of climbs at different angles and split into sub-versions to offer lower entry prices so that more homewall owners can connect to the Kilter Board user network. Just like the original Kilter Board, each Kilter Board Homewall hold is unique.

Overall, the Homewall version is more finger friendly, with smaller holds on average than the Original, with more crimps, pinch and flakes. Many of the problems tend to resemble outdoor climbing and require precision, technical footwork and good tension/core strength, but there are also some good mini-jugs to warm up to and plenty of easy climbs, especially when the wall is set at straighter angles.

The Homewall version is available for 7x10, 10x10, 8x12, and 10x12 walls, and can be ordered in 3 versions:

- Mainline alone - the slightly easier set of the two layered arrangements.

- Auxiliary Line alone - the slightly more difficult set of two overlapping routes.

- Full Ride - includes both Mainline and Auxiliary sets, for the densest layout.

The layouts fit together, so that each small size is included in the larger sizes. There are over 7,200 problems on the application and more are added daily.

 For more details on the two Kilter versions, follow the link:

For more details on the Kilter Board adjustable walls, follow the link:

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François Parisien April 21, 2023
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