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            There are a multitude of tools available today to practice climbing and improve performance. But which ones really make a difference in training?

We set out to find out the real benefits of Kilter Board adjustable walls and Lemur tools for both users and climbing gyms. To find out more, we went to the training room of Vertige Escalade, one of the most important climbing gyms in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. 

What is an adjustable Kilterboard?

Simply put, a KilterBoard is a climbing wall that can be adjusted electronically by means of a controller. In other words, the climber can choose at any time the precise inclination of the wall on which he is training. 

But what else...? The KilterBoard is, as the name suggests, also equipped with 'Kilter' technology. The sockets have been specially designed by the company to fit the wall and its use perfectly. An LED light is also integrated in each socket. With a simple application on his mobile phone, the climber can choose the problem of his choice from thousands of proposals classified by level and inclination of the wall. He can also create his own problem and integrate it into the infonavigation database. 

All that remains is to try to complete the chosen problem by following the lighted sockets. This is a simple and fun way to climb custom-made problems.

What do users think?

We asked Élise, climbing teacher and experienced climber, for her opinion on the benefits of the adjustable KilterBoard.

"We are very fortunate to have a complete training facility at Vertige Escalade, of which the adjustable wall is the main feature. 

Alone or with my friends, and whatever my state of fitness or inspiration, I know that with one click I will find suitable challenges throughout my session. The possibilities are endless.

With the adjustable KilterBoard, I can also create custom problems based on my current climbing projects. If I'm working a difficult boulder outside with a roof for example, I'll be able to train specifically with a steep wall to get better at that type of difficulty and sequence my project."

"On a physical level, did you feel a particular progression after a few training sessions on the KilterBoard?

Yes, the results were obvious. After a few regular sessions, my strength really developed. You get stronger, faster. It's really very effective for the 'strength' branch.

Kilterboarding also often forces me to work on dynamic movements. And all this knowledge, I can then put it into routes to follow my projects. 

Compared to a Moon Board, the adjustable KilterBoard is a little less demanding and therefore easier to use on a daily basis. I can easily complete my training by going for the specific difficulty I need on a hang board for example.

"What difference does KilterBoard make to you as a climbing coach?

As a teacher, it's a fantastic tool because it allows me to be very precise and progressive in the learning of climbers. Whether I'm training a beginner or an experienced climber, I'll be able to find a challenge that suits them and that will make them progress. The adjustability makes the tool very versatile. 

By only changing the inclination of the wall by a few degrees for example, the challenge becomes different. The climber can quickly see his or her progress, which will stimulate the climber and invite him or her to further increase the difficulty of the problems. 

What do you think of the other Lemur tools available at the gym (System wall; Peg Board; Campus Board; Hang board; Fitness Cage)? 

Personally, I mainly use the Hang Board and the Campus Board. The Campus Board allows a multitude of exercises by varying the size of the slats and the spacing between them. 

These tools are very specific but very powerful for progress. With well constructed training that incorporates their use, progress can be meteoric, especially in terms of strength gained. These tools are the perfect complement to KilterBoard."

What are the advantages of a climbing gym?

We also wanted to know from the owner of Vertige Escalade gym, Jean-Martin Cyr, what the adjustable KilterBoard and Lemur tools have brought to his establishment.   

Our new training room has become a real asset for us and has attracted a new clientele. These tools are state of the art and quite unique. Now our gym really stands out from the rest because it offers powerful solutions that are not offered elsewhere. Climbers know how much these tools can contribute to their training. More and more professional climbers are also using them, which is a sign of their effectiveness and versatility.  

What's more, once the structures are installed, we don't have to do anything else. There is virtually no maintenance required. The KilterBoard outlets never have to be moved, as the Kilter application suggests the problems. For us, it's peace of mind and cost savings over time. The climbers are autonomous, happy and so are we.  

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Lemur Design, Abel Chouinard March 21, 2022
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