The Evolution of Climbing with Lemur Design's Adjustable and Fixed Wall Fusion

February 28, 2024 by
Lemur Design, Abel Chouinard

In the dynamic world of climbing, Lemur Design has emerged as a pioneer, crafting innovative and adjustable climbing walls that redefine the climbing experience. With a track record of over 250 units built in the last four years, Lemur Design has solidified its position as one of the most experienced vendors in the industry. Not only are Lemur Design's climbing walls known for their easy assembly and convenient controller, similar to an elevator, but they also stand out as one of the most premium and sought-after solutions on the market.

The Lemur Design and Kiltergrips Collaboration

Lemur Design's sucess extends beyond its own innovative climbing walls, owing much of its success to a fruitful collaboration with Kiltergrips. Based in Denver, Kiltergrips is a key player in the climbing industry, bringing unparalleled market knowledge and expertise to the partnership. Notably, Kiltergrips' influence has been instrumental in shaping some of the distinctive features of Lemur Design's adjustable climbing walls. This strategic alliance has not only resulted in the creation of the revolutionary combo wall+Kilterboard system but has also established Lemur Design as a trailblazer in the climbing wall industry.

The Personalized Climbing Gym Project

In the summer of 2023, Lemur Design faced a unique challenge when a world-class climber reached out to Kiltergrips. The climber had an ambitious vision – a 40x40 garage transformed into a personal climbing gym for training and sharing with friends and family. However, the climber, not inclined towards DIY endeavors, sought a turnkey solution, creating an exciting opportunity for Lemur Design to showcase its expertise.

Lemur Design was provided with an initial drawing of the garage to be built. Initial floor plan layout

Designing the Unconventional: A Blend of Adjustable and Fixed Walls

The project began with the layout design, leveraging Lemur Design's adjustable climbing walls. As discussions unfolded, the client expressed the need for a fixed portion – a challenge for Lemur Design, which primarily specialized in adjustable walls. Despite this, Lemur Design embraced the opportunity and started working within the space constraints of the gym.

3d view of the climbing gym

Production Challenges and Solutions

The custom structure demanded meticulous planning and resources. A freelance designer was brought on board for the intricate design, and Lemur Design's steel supplier was informed in advance about the increased production requirements. Internally, the production schedule underwent shuffling to accommodate the greater number of panels needed for this unique project.

After three months of design and detailed engineering, the project transitioned to the production phase in November. However, a slight delay occurred as the steel supplier required more time than initially anticipated. The custom structure, a testament to Lemur Design's commitment to quality, was finally delivered in February.

Shipping and Assembly

The logistical challenges continued as the assembled structure needed to be shipped by truck to a central location in the USA. Lemur Design and Kiltergrips assembled a team of three, including Abel, the CEO of Lemur Design, Skylar from Kiltergrips, and Jesse, a chief routesetter at the Spot in Colorado.

The assembly of the fixed wall, originally planned for 2.5 days, took a total of three days, with minimal unexpected corrections required. Following the assembly, Abel returned to Montreal, leaving Jesse and Skylar to make the initial setting of the wall. The customer's specific requests for a spray wall and boulders for little kids on the 5-degree portion were meticulously executed, adding a personal touch to the climbing gym.


The collaborative effort between Lemur Design and Kiltergrips in delivering a personalized climbing gym stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability. Overcoming challenges and pushing the boundaries of design, Lemur Design showcased its ability to create bespoke climbing solutions. The successful completion of this project not only satisfied the discerning needs of a world-class climber but also reinforced Lemur Design's position as a leader in the ever-evolving world of climbing. As the climbing community continues to seek unique and tailored experiences, Lemur Design and its collaborative ventures are set to shape the future of climbing innovation.

completed project

Lemur Design, Abel Chouinard February 28, 2024
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