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Adjustable Wall Automatic Control Box
May 8, 2024 by
François Parisien

Strong from our experience across numerous climbing gyms in several different countries, we've observed that every additional step discourages customers from using adjustable climbing walls. It's therefore crucial to minimize the number of steps and make them as simple and quick as possible. Why? Because it's unfortunate for a climbing gym owner to make a significant investment in acquiring an adjustable climbing wall only to find that their clientele makes little use of it due to laborious and frustrating usage.

With a simplified customer interface and just two short steps, centers equipped with a 100% automatic control box maximize the use of their investment.

Before the installation of the LEMUR Design Automatic Control Box, customers had to go through several steps to adjust the angle of the climbing wall: use an angle finder, measure the current angle, manually adjust the wall while holding the button down for the duration of the adjustment, measure the angle again to see where the wall is at, adjust the wall again while holding the button down, measure again, and hope it is at the right desired angle... This tedious procedure dissuaded many climbers, especially new climbers, from using the adjustable walls.

Since the installation of an automatic control box, the user experience has transformed. Now, customers only need to select the desired angle on the touchscreen and press the green button. In just two simple and quick steps, the wall moves automatically to the desired angle, without requiring any manual intervention.

The results are impressive: the number of users of adjustable climbing walls has significantly increased since the installation of the automatic control box. Beginners feel more comfortable, and experienced climbers appreciate the simplicity and speed of the process. By maximizing the use of adjustable walls, the climbing center has been able to recoup its investment more quickly and provide an enhanced climbing experience to its clientele.


The automatic control box simplifies the use of adjustable climbing walls to the maximum for customers. In this article, let's delve into the details of this technology that promises to transform the experience of climbers who give it a try.

Intuitive and Fast Interface

The customer interface of the automatic control box is simple and designed for quick manipulation. A high-end touchscreen, resistant to daily commercial use, allows users to easily select the angle using arrows. Once the desired angle is selected, just press the green button and let the wall do the work on its own.

There's no need to find the angle with an angle finder tool or make manual adjustments. No need to stand beside the control box to hold down the button while the wall moves. Everything happens automatically, like with an elevator. Even a young child can use it.

Advanced Features

For owners, a hidden menu protected by a code offers advanced features such as activator calibration, individual activator adjustment, and setting the maximum and minimum angles of the adjustable wall for tight spaces.

All these manipulations require no technical knowledge and can be done in minutes. Although rare, the support team is also available remotely to assist if needed, with a commitment to respond within 24 hours.

Additional Features and Global Connectivity

The automatic control box is CE certified and adapts to electrical currents worldwide, with built-in protection against overloads.

Furthermore, it's possible to connect the control box to the internet, allowing for remote control and thus providing quick service to all clients located in 22 countries.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

To ensure user safety, the box is equipped with a red emergency button, mandatory in several countries, as well as a key to lock the adjustable wall to prevent unauthorized manipulation.

Robust Manufacturing and Durability

Coming from the aerospace industry for satellite manufacturing, LEMUR Design's partners place great importance on product reliability and quality. That's why we chose to manufacture the automatic control box entirely in-house. Every component is carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and exceptional durability.

One of the major challenges in climbing gyms is the presence of chalk, used by climbers to improve their grip on holds. To counter this issue, the LEMUR Design box is made to be waterproof and specifically designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the outdoors. Thus, chalk cannot penetrate the box and damage the various electrical circuits, ensuring long life and increased reliability.

Like a standard home computer, the automatic control box requires no specific maintenance due to its sealed design. Over 250 automatic control boxes are currently in service without any issues.


LEMUR Design's automatic control box represents an advancement in indoor climbing. With its in-house manufacturing, robustness, ease of use, and advanced features, it provides a revolutionary climbing experience for both customers and climbing gym owners.

With this innovation, LEMUR Design continues to push the boundaries of engineering in the design of adjustable climbing walls and redefine industry standards.

François Parisien May 8, 2024
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