Wall Refurbish – lemurdesign

Don't change your walls - Lemur design can refurbish them

A Climbing wall should not look like this...

If it does, well...

We first prepare the surface for the new texture

The success of a refurbish operation relies on the surface preparation - the more clean and uniform it is, the more the new paint will stick. This critical operation is done with industrial equipment. 

We then apply our advanced (magic?) coating 

Our proprietary texture is a mixture of 4 components making it climber-friendly, indestructible, easy to maintain and fast to cure. 

Your new wall is ready within 36 hours

We know how painful it is to close whole gyms, or even wall sections, so we developed a process that goes really fast.  The final result is a modern looking wall at 1/4 of the cost.

WHY REfurbish a wall?

Remain competitive at a low cost

Maintaining a climbing gym within a growing and competitive market is essential - and nobody can afford to see climbers desert for the recently opened gym next door. Rebuilding walls is expensive - but refurbish can make them look new for 25% of the wall cost. (even the oldest ones!)

Improve your wall texture 

We have invested significant R&D to develop the best wall texture - because that is what climbers see and experience. Our texture is both appreciated by climbers, but also quick to apply, and virtually indestructible. Rubber shoe markings can be removed with a boar brush, and it is similar to the liner used to cover pick-up trucks floor beds. Nobody has managed to chip it so far...(even when trying very hard!)

Down time is minimal

We only need about 36 consecutive hours to complete a refurbishing job. And you don't need to close your entire gym, we can work in small sections so you keep the gym open (and your income!)  

Take the opportunity to change the mats

Climber's safety is priority number one for anyone in the industry - and landing mats do wear with time. We offer custom mats made with cutting edge foams and cover materials to ensure the best quality possible. Both vinyl and ballistic nylon is offered.