Delivering quality walls rapidly so you can open your gym (and generate revenues!) faster is our primary goal.

With Lemur Design, you're closer to having climbers on your walls than you think - we can start installation within 8 weeks of signing our contract (and 4 weeks after we jointly finish the design!)

To achieve record performance, we have integrated 5 key principles, based on our experience in space manufacturing and engineering. 

We strongly believe that we can help you build a better, faster dream gym, and we would be very excited to share ideas with you!

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1. Standardize architecture, engineering and design

We have developed repeatable guidelines for wall structure design, which, coupled with our use of standard parts, speed up the design process. Because we use a universal steel structure with adaptable struts, we can order parts before the design is finalized - saving many precious weeks. Besides, structure validation and architectural design is all done by our team, limiting delays in collaborating with external parties.

2. Eliminate welding on site

Welding on site requires hiring highly qualified employees to perform complex operations - and requires an additional liability insurance. By mechanically assembling our structure (i.e. bolting), we can work with general steel workers, and minimal equipment, and achieve both speed and monetary savings.

3. Develop the best texture on the market. Period.

We have invested significant R&D to develop the best wall texture - because that is what climbers see and experience. Our paint is both appreciated by climbers, but also quick to apply, and virtually indestructible. Rubber shoe markings can be removed with a boar brush, and it is similar to the painting used to cover pick-up trucks floor beds. Nobody has managed to chip it so far...(even when trying very hard!)

4. Source materials locally in Canada 

More than 75% of our materials comes from Canadian, local manufacturers. We therefore reduce overseas shipping fees and delays.

5. Machine panels on a 5-axis CNC and maximize similar panels

Wood panels are manufactured by digital multi-axis machining digital, eliminating craftsmanship and simplifies assembly thanks to greater precision. The design of the panels also aims to maximize the number of identical panels, reducing the setup and programming time losses on machines.

We strongly believe that we can help you build a better, faster dream gym, and we would be very excited to share ideas with you!