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Weigh 20% less than average wood volumes (so far)

These days, everybody wants to climb on routes with massive volumes - but very few realize how difficult it is to successfully bolt these mastodons 16 feet in the air. Route setters are not just very strong climbers and creative minds, they have literally become human cranes.

With the route setters' challenges in mind, we have applied some engineering to the volumes to bring lightness without any compromise on durability and performance. By re-thinking the assembly method and manufacturing techniques, we have reduced the weight by 20% - so far. This means that route setters can now assemble the same amazing routes, but with 20% less efforts (...or place a 20% bigger volume on the wall for the same effort, but we'll leave that up to you)

can be cleaned with a boar hair brush (not a car wash!) 

We have invested significant R&D to develop the best texture - because that is what climbers see and experience. Our texture is both appreciated by climbers, but also quick to apply, and virtually indestructible. Rubber shoe markings can be removed with a boar brush, and it is similar to the painting used to cover pick-up trucks floor beds. Nobody has managed to chip it so far...(even when trying very hard!)
Furthermore, we also offer our texture in any RAL color, including standard holds colors. We can highlight the natural beauty of the wood by using clear coating or even make it glow in the dark.  

Can be bought or rented


Renting volumes eases cash flow, ensures walls are always covered by the latest and greatest volumes, and allows for more creative, funky routes (...have you thought of a volume-only, neon-blue route?) 

You should consider renting if :

>>>You don't have 25k$ to drop on a volume order! 
>>> You change your volumes so often your backstore is full!

The Gorilla | Le Gorille

The Gorilla | Le Gorille

$23.00 - $357.50
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1. New customers renting 10 volumes or more get a free month on their first order
2. Volumes shall be rented for a minimum of 12 months
3. Volumes are under warranty against any defect for the time of the rental
4. After 12 months volumes may be replaced with new volumes (of a combined similar value)
5. Volumes may be returned after 12 months without penalty (shipping cost at client's expense)
6. After 24 months of rental the volume is yours
7. New order or replacement of 10+ volumes gets free shipping (CANADA AND USA ONLY)
8. Payment is made every month by an automated payment gateway using any major credit card
9. Lemur Design will release new shaped every 4 months 
10. You have access to pre-order of new shapes before they go online