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Lemur Design offers services to the climbing gym owners. Design and installation of artificial climbing wall, re-surfacing aging climbing walls, off the shelf and custom volumes, reception mats, architecture services and many more to come. 

As climbers, gym owners and engineers we aren't afraid of any challenges, if you need it we can make it! 


Wall design - How fast do you want your new gym

Based on solid engineering processes, Lemur Design is capable to deploy a climbing gym in less than 4 months from initial contact to your customer climbing. 

We only offer custom design to build the best possible gym for your needs. 

O-Volt 2018

Climbing volumes

New trends are clear, you need BIG volumes in all the sections of your gym. Not just 2-3 big pieces in your steep bouldering section, you need them everywhere. 

We love to design volumes with the gym's route setters just for a specific gym. Our processes is very efficient, you want to buy 5 volumes alike, they might be as expensive as a regular one. We can match the angle between 2 sections of you wall, so the volume can extend on surface. (look at the picture below). Ask us for a quote you will be surprised. 



Reception mats

As part of our turnkey solution and standalone projects, we offer design and installation of reception mats. 

All mats are custom designed and built for the specific needs of the gym. We offer vinyl and ballistic nylon covers. Mat thickness, density and softness is adapted to specific application (bouldering, rope, lead, training or walk zone). 

 O-Volt mat


Gym refurbishing

New climbing gyms are opening everywhere, Is your 5 years old gym ready for this new competition? We can rework any surface with our specifically designed texture. We work day and night to limit the number of days you have to close sections of your gym. 

Don't replace your wall panels before you talk with us. 


Professional services

This company was founded by Engineers and Architects, all of them are working to make every project successful. Working as a team we shrunk lead time making sure your new gym opens as soon as possible.