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Next generation training walls

 Lemur Design has engineered a market leading adjustable wall that is specifically made for the various augmented hold systems on the market. Because of its rigidity and sleek design, it is currently used as a development wall by Kilter themselves for their Kilterboard ! 
The wall can be set at variable angles - with the option of a manual or electric motion. These boards are flat-box shipped and can be assembled by your local crew of route-setters (and enthusiasts!) - so we minimize installation costs. Compatible mats are offered.    

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Compatible holds systems:

The Kilter Board raises the bar for climbing training. The entire perimeter of the base of each hold lights up. It might seem like a simple innovation, but it's a total game-changer for training boards. Every hold is incredibly easy to see from any angle, so you don't need to "find" your route anymore.

Tension's standard standard mirror board is the ultimate combination of great wooden holds, a user friendly app, and an LED system illuminate a selected problem.

Available since 2016, the MoonBoard allows users all over the world to climb and train on the same problems as each other. Beneath each MoonBoard t-nut position is an LED light, which is controlled by our MoonBoard App. The board is set to a 40 degrees angle.

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