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Next generation training walls

The concept of augmented training walls is rather simple - a standard set of illuminated holds is set on a board, and an app is created for users around the world to design problems. When a given problem is selected by a user, the associated holds light up, instructing the climber which holds to use. 
What is currently not so simple is to build the physical board on which the holds are set, as very few augmented holds systems manufacturers manufacture them. 

In response, Lemur Design has engineered two boards that are specifically made for these augmented hold systems. Both can be set at variable angles - one manually, the other with electric actuators. These boards are flat-box shipped and can be assembled by your local crew of route-setters (and enthusiasts!) - so we minimize installation costs. Compatible mats are offered.    

Manually adjustable training board

Manually adjustable training board

$10,000.00 - $15,000.00
Manually adjustable training board available in various sizes and compatible with various holds and led systems.
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  • Angle range: 0 to 70 degrees from vertical, in 10 degree increments.
  • Weight: SMALL - 600 kg
                        LARGE - 800 kg
  • Size: SMALL 8'wide and 12' high (+36'' kickboard and 15'' mat)
                   LARGE 12'wide and 14' high (+36'' kickboard and 15'' mat)
  • Required floor space: SMALL - 16' x 16' (including at least 2' behind the wall base)  
                                                LARGE - 20' x 18' (including at least 2' behind the wall base)
  • Motion system: Small chain block behind the wall
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Compatible holds systems:

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