About us – lemurdesign



Chief Executive Officer AND CO-founder

Holder of a Master's degree in Mechanical Manufacturing from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Abel Chouinard is passionate about mechanics and outdoor sports.
After working for 7 years at MDA as the Head of Composite Manufacturing, working on 3 shifts and with a multi-million dollar supply chain, he has decided to put his ideas into action and launch Lemur Design to bring space technology to the climbing world.
Powered by an almost inexhaustible energy, married and father of a toddler, Abel is never far from a jumping in a new adventure. 


Chief Technology Officer

After defending a doctoral thesis in 2009 at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Julien immigrated to Canada to join MDA as a mechanical analyst.
Accomplished sportsman, first in martial arts, then in long-distance running (think 89-km landmark Comrades Marathon in South Africa!), Julien did not hesitate to join the effort to combine technology and sports.
Powered by his structural expertise and cartesian mind, Julien is responsible for the technology development at Lemur Design.


Chief Financial Officer, Gym Owner AND CO-founder

Engineer, MBA holder and serial entrepreneur, Jean-Martin has lived a dual life for several years - one as an energetic production manager in the space industry, and the other as a successful climbing gym owner.
He makes sure the team focuses on the real issues lived by gym operators - while, of course, training for long distance running, cross-country ski and wall climbing with his wife and two boys.
Jean-Martin was the ideator of Lemur Design.


Board member and Architect

Renowned architect for more than 15 years, Carlo now has designed several climbing centers and is passionate about bringing innovative ideas to increase gyms' liveliness and convivial atmosphere.


Board Member and Gym Owner

Jean-Martin's longtime partner, Erick is currently a program manager at MDA. With Lemur Design, Erick brings his experience in project management and structural analysis.
Erick is a river kayaker at heart - and never misses an opportunity to play outside.


CEO's son

Fully assumes his role as a climbing wall manufacturer's son - he proudly wears his Lemur t-shirt, and leads the company's R&D efforts on wall textures adapted to clumsy little hands.